Student Registration - deadline August 26th

We remind parents that it is imperative that children be registered before August 26th.  If you’ve not completed a survey or if you have not received a call from ADSB asking about your decision to sign up for Remote Learning or Return to Class, we urge you to call your local public school right away.

Students registered after August 26th will not be able to access in class learning until the new year.  Remote learning entry will also be delayed by several weeks if students are not registered by the 26th

We are doing all we can to ensure students remain with one, consistent group of students, or cohort, for return to class.  Introducing new students weeks into the school year will not be possible for the safety of all involved.  We are also very aware of maintaining mandatory class sizes and as such, we cannot accommodate late registrations.

Please be sure to call your local public school before the August 26th deadline, or visit ADSB.ON.CA for more information.

A message from the Algoma District School Board.